Purpose statement

The aspiration of Manaaki Tairāwhiti is:

'Mā te mahi tahi e tipu matomato ai ngā whānau o te Tairāwhiti'.

'United leadership that enables whānau to
flourish in Tairāwhiti'.

The purpose of Manaaki Tairāwhiti is:

To provide the sector with locally-focused, united leadership that enables whānau perspectives to shape how services connect.

Our united leadership will drive forward the strong social sector collaboration necessary for improved whānau outcomes.

Manaaki Tairāwhiti is a group of local iwi and social cross-sector leaders focused on working together in Tairāwhiti to deliver what is needed for whānau to flourish.

Manaaki Tairāwhiti Principles and Values

  • Whānau First – we consider the needs of tamariki and their whānau above all else.
  • No Excuses – we are solutions focused and action orientated.
  • Strengths – we will adopt a strengths based approach influenced by tamariki and their whānau.
  • Whānau Ora – our solutions place tamariki in the context of their whānau and wider hapū.
  • Integration – we will ensure there is a ‘joined-up’ approach.
  • Evolutionary we will share learnings to improve our practice and services.
  • Connected – we want everyone to access the right information that connects them to the right services for best results.
  • Simple – we will simplify processes and service provision.
  • Pono – we will develop honest and trusting working relationships regardless of our differences.

Our aim:

  • Providing comprehensive stakeholder engagement.
  • Building an evidence base of what is working best to inform service and funding decisions.
  • Appraising all new initiatives that come into Tairāwhiti to ensure alignment with other joint initiatives such as Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke and Te Pā Harakeke. 
  • To inform and influence local social sector funding decisions. 
  • To build capacity to operate as a commissioning agency.