Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke

Whāngaia Ngā Pā Harakeke (WNPH) is a police sponsored initiative where police and local iwi are working in partnership to reduce family harm. Tairāwhiti is one of three pilot sites in areas that have disproportionately high rates of family harm occurring.

Tairāwhiti currently experiences the highest reported rates in New Zealand.  Local iwi and police are committed to changing this - we want whānau to be happy, healthy and safe.  

For police, it means a substantial increase in resources dedicated to addressing family harm. 

The team is a mix of 23 people (kaiāwhina and police officers) who are all focussed on engaging with whānau and working to support whānau to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Iwi have seconded kaiāwhina and leadership to the pilot.  We also work closely with other specialists and organisations in Tairāwhiti who currently provide services to families in need.

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We are well aware of the challenges whānau face in trying to navigate the system.  Already our partners have committed to a shared operating model that aims to achieve a one door policy.  That means it doesn’t matter where or who people approach, they will get the right support because we are all working with one purpose to ‘Whakamana ngā whānau’ or empower families. 

We know past methods have not always worked for whānau so our desire is to be different – whānau must experience the change.  Some of that difference is ensuring tikanga Māori and whakapapa lead our practice.  We will be responsive to whānau needs, be creative and focus on building the strengths whānau already have.  The mantra of ‘whatever it takes’, ‘walking alongside whānau’, and ‘challenging ourselves to find solutions’ are foremost in our thinking.  It is amazing what a cup of tea, establishing trust (pono) and a focus on solutions can achieve!

For there to be long term sustainable reductions in family harm, whānau and communities must be involved.  Seeking help can be fraught with many challenges for some people, but we also know that ignoring problems will not solve them.  If our people are to achieve their potential, then we all need to be confident in seeking help.  Sometimes we will need to challenge the norms that have developed over many years so we can keep people safe.  When people are safe, then we can work on the next steps to building healthy whānau.  

If you are currently experiencing family harm, or you are worried about someone else, please contact us – we promise you will experience the difference.